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Peek inside my budget 👀

Download my actual budget to see my monthly income & how I organize it all. Then, delete all my info to use it for yourself!

15-page money guide

A simple guide that will get you on the right track with your money!

Budgeting printables

Simple & cute finance trackers to get you started with planning your financial goals!

Other Resources

My Favorite Podcast Episodes About Money

A Spotify playlist I have curated off all my favorite podcast episodes about money. From budgeting to student loans to investing. I hope you can find info that is helpful to you and your situation!

Jump Start Your Blog Bootcamp

Get the formula for turning your passion into a profitable blog! This 12-week boot camp features months of recorded live calls with Jannese Torres-Rodriguez, how to tackle WordPress, blog writing secrets, how to monetize your blog and so much more. (Can’t recommend this class enough!)

30-Days To Blogging Success

Broken down into 30 actionable lessons, 30 Days to Blogging Success will take you step-by-step through the process of starting and growing your blog. This is for DIYers. (This was the first blogging course that helped me get my blog up and running.)


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