Side Hustle Strategist


You’re the social worker who is always on the lookout for ways to boost your income. Whether it’s through side hustles or contemplating a career change, you know you need to make more money to achieve your financial goals. 🤑

As a Side Hustle Strategist, you are characterized by your relentless drive to improve your financial situation.

Your main job in social work is fulfilling but doesn’t quite cover all your financial needs or goals, so you’re constantly exploring additional income streams. This might mean picking up extra shifts, freelancing, or engaging in a variety of side hustles.

As a Side Hustle Strategist, you have a keen eye for opportunities and are not afraid of hard work. Whether it’s driving for a ride-share company, tutoring, consulting, or selling handmade goods online, you are always finding ways to bring in more money. 💰

Your energy and determination are impressive, and you often inspire those around you with your dedication. You understand the value of diversifying your income streams.

Despite your busy schedule, you maintain a generous spirit. You enjoy treating friends and colleagues, often buying coffee or small gifts, which adds a personal touch to your relationships. ✨



While your main focus is on social work, exploring additional income streams can significantly boost your financial security and help you achieve your goals faster. Embrace your creativity and dedication as you navigate this journey of diversifying your income!

Whether you’re brainstorming new ideas, seeking expert tips, or diving into practical guides, I’ve compiled some resources that are down below to help you on your path.

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resources to get you started

ultimate list of side hustles for social workers

A list of 29 side hustle ideas with resources to help you on your way to making more $$$

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side hustle podcast list

Curated list of podcast episodes related to level up your side hustle game.

listen here
etsy printable free e-book

Get the secret tips and tricks to building a side hustle income on Esty. This is a low-cost way to start growing a semi-passive income stream.

get it here
side hustle starter kit course

This course is by Jannese Torres at Yo Quiero Dinero. Learn how to monetize your skills, time and talents, even if you don’t know anything about starting a business!

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Hi, I'm Taylor!

Hi, I’m Taylor!

The social worker behind this quiz

As a social worker in thousands of dollars in debt, I found so much support and resources online that helped me begin my debt payoff journey in May 2022. This blog is my way of sharing what I have been learning to help others.